Lord Damodara & Yasoda Murti 5"

Lord Damodara & Yasoda Murti 5"

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Mother Yasoda, dressed in a soft peach-colored saree, is trying to bind her divine son Krishna to a grinding mortar to rectify Him after He stole butter and yogurt from her storage room. Krishna was trying to run away, but finally His mother caught Him and He is shyly standing near the mortar, waiting for the ropes to tie him. However, the rope was 2 fingers short. Mother YasHoda added more and more rope, but whatever she tried, the rope was 2 fingers short. Finally, after much efforts, Krishna allowed her to bind Him to the mortar. This is a famous pastime of Krishna, which takes place during the month of Kartik(October-November).

This is a wonderful gift for baby showers or for any special occasion.

Statue size: 4.25 inches, base: .5 inches, total size: 5 inches
Base dimensions: 5.25 x 3"

Comes in a nice gift box with polyform foam packaging.