Lotus Temple Yogi Pants (41" Length)

Lotus Temple Yogi Pants (41" Length)

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The Lotus Temple of ancient mythology was a place of comfort and ease where the denizens lived in complete harmony with nature and one another. In the center of the temple there was a well spring where the people drank to become lustrous of skin and in fine health until the end of their days. Surrounding the spring was a circular pond filled with many varieties of fishes and lotus flowers from which the temple derived its name. The temple was located in a verdant evergreen vale where the earth supplied fruits of untold varieties that provided all the necessary sustenance year round.

Dress in elegant style and comfort whether you are doing yoga, attaining bliss at the temple, dressing up for a special function, or just having a relaxing time, with the Lotus Temple Yogi Pants.

Made from 100% rayon with an elastic waist and draw string. Overall length is 41", with a width that will accommodate a 24-38" waistsize.